Data driven pricing

Don’t base your discounting decisions on gut instinct and experience alone. Understanding your sales data helps you prepare for future sales requests. IncreaseOnline powers increasing revenue by using state of the art data science to uncover hidden opportunities.

Faster & smarter quoting

By standardizing practices, you increase discounting discipline, and make sure your sales staff knows how much discount to apply to a certain order. IncreaseOnline provides real-time insights into the best price to quote for any type of order.

Unify pricing across the entire landscape

Every deal is different. Publishers charge different rates for different types of advertisers, different types of inventory, whether an order is transacted over RTB, through programmatic direct, or directly via the ad server. By integrating into all major SSP and ad server solutions, IncreaseOnline helps publishers to manage rate cards and discount policies across all possible combinations of factors that go into a quote.

Optimize towards user experience

As a publisher focussing on long term success, your users come first, revenues come second. Due to the fast rise of adblockers publishers are forced to yield smarter. With IncreaseOnline you can determine the most optimal floors, optimizing towards user experience while still retaining your revenues.

Automated advertiser reporting

After campaigns are being served, advertisers ask for reporting to determine performance. This often is a manual process and therefore a time consuming matter. Let your sales team focus on selling, and reduce their administrative load by automating your advertiser reporting.

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